Life on a small Vermont farm

We are The Farm at Morrison Corner, in Mansfield Vermont.. and have been since roughly 1835.  Our website includes a history of the farm, along with information on raising chickens, raising Icelandic Sheep and getting started as a small scale farm.

Everyone has to believe in something… I believe in small scale agriculture. I believe that even done poorly: in cobbled together structures, in gardens which aren’t tidy, backyard farms bring something valuable to a neighborhood and a community. So the garden looks a little scraggly… the kids are still in there stealing the first new peas and eating the beans right off the plants. So the sheep shed was put together out of waste wood.. the lambs are still wonderful.

From my vantage point, with many years of farming behind me, it looks like farmers, farm stores, equipment manufacturers, are all coming together to make backyard farming easier, and more productive, than it has ever been before. From easy to assemble raised beds to portable fencing to deliberately crossing angora rabbits with Netherland Dwarf Bunnies to create a “pocket sized” angora rabbit, it has never been easier, or faster, to create agriculture, productive agriculture, in very small spaces.

So what are you waiting for?


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